Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center, Phoenix AZ



The Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center was founded in May 1983 and functions under the Wildlife Education section within the Education Branch of Arizona Game and Fish. Its primary role is to rescue and rehabilitate Arizona wildlife and to educate Arizona residents and visitors about our unique diversity of animals.

Hundreds of animals pass through its doors annually. By providing temporary and long-term medical and rehabilitation services, the Center provides sick, injured or orphaned wildlife a second chance for survival. The Wildlife Center Auxiliary assists the Center in a number of ways, including many volunteer hours spent in daily care and maintenance of the facility (and its "residents") and in fundraising.

Arizona Game and Fish is not funded by tax dollars. The majority of the budget comes from license fees, the Heritage Fund, and the Conservation Fund and private donations. AZGFD uses a portion of their Heritage Fund "Lottery Dollars Working for Wildlife" to provide the small operating budget for the Center. Often the needs outstrip the funds, and the efforts of the Auxiliary ensure the Center will have the necessary resources to support the day-to-day needs as well as provide the extra support during times of environmental disasters such as wild fires, floods and drought.

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