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Sponsor-A-Baby-Owl is a wildlife support program provided by the Wildlife Center at Adobe Mountain, a branch of the Arizona Game Baby Great Horned owland Fish Department.

Each spring owlets start arriving at the Wildlife Center. These owlets come to us for several reasons; they might be injured, abandoned, orphaned or fallen from their nest. The volunteers and staff at the Wildlife Center provide medical attention, house and feed the owlets until they are ready to be released some time in October. Each owlet that comes to us is placed in a holding pen with other owls of the same approximate age with an adult to act as a surrogate mother. The owlets receive minimum human contact and are fed the same foods they would receive if they were in the wild. An owlet raised in the way is easily returned to the wild with little adjustment. The cost to care for one owlet is approximately $250.

Each year the Wildlife Center takes in 40 to 60 juvenile Great Horned Owls.. The cost to care for these young owls adds up to more than one third of our yearly budget. Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center receives no tax dollars or other state funding, it relies on the Heritage Fund Lottery dollars and tax deductible donations from people like you.

Here’s how YOU can help sponsor a baby owl. Choose your level of support:

The Owlet $75.00

You will receive a letter of acknowledgement and a certificate of sponsorship.

The Fledging $150.00

You will receive a letter of acknowledgement; a certificate of sponsorship and an 8x10 photograph of a young owl.

The Owl $250.00

You will receive a letter of acknowledgement, certificate of sponsorship, an 8x10 photograph of a young owl and notification of the release with the option to attend.

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