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Meat Donations

We will gladly accept donations of game meat to help feed the animals at Adobe. Here are some guidelines.

  • All meat should be good quality and not too old; if it's too old for you to eat it's too old for the animals.
  • Large game, such as deer and elk should be quartered.
  • Javalina can be whole, but must be gutted.
  • Quail and Fowl - preferable non-lead shot.
  • Rabbits if they are shot with 22 caliber.
  • Frozen meat & fresh caught fish is accepted provided it has no freezer burn and has never been defrosted and refrozen.
  • Fresh caught fish in good condition.
  • We do not accept goats or sheep.

Note - since lead poisoning is a real threat to wildlife we encourage the use of non-lead ammunition.

You can also support us by using the organizations below. To learn how easy it is, click on a logo:

Bashas Thanks a Million

All donations are tax deductible 501 (C) 3 86-0642399


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