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The Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center Auxiliary Education Program

The Wildlife Center’s educational program is a powerful and effective way to help students reconnect to the living world. By bringing Owl with trainerlive animals into your school, we create a comprehensive and compelling educational experience unmatched by books, television, or any other medium. Our staff of volunteers offers a sense of caring, warmth and enthusiasm to which students respond openly.

Our education program is geared towards students of the fourth grade and higher; we try to tie into the State Education Program Curriculum. The presentation focuses on Arizona’s wildlife and their habitats. The program is designed to encourage the students to establish a personal commitment to conserving Arizona’s wildlife.

It is most effective to group your students by grade levels. A typical presentation will last approximately, 30 to 60 minutes. We prefer to present our program only once each school year to any one school. This way, we maximize the number of students and school groups we can see in a year.

All of our presenters are volunteers; they are utilizing their personal time in giving each and every presentation. So we respect them by making sure each program is complete in the planning stages.

When calling to schedule a presentation, please have at least 3 dates available. Due to the number of requests we receive, we need at least one-month advance notice of the dates, times and number of students that will be attending.

We will need the complete name and address of the school with driving directions. The location to load and unload animals, which needs to be as close to where we will be presenting as possible. Good presentation locations include: classroom, library, cafeteria, auditorium, gymnasium or outside but only when weather and animals permit. More specific details can be made at the time of the request. All requests will be considered but not guaranteed.

Please call us at 623-582-9806 and we will help you find the best date for your school program.

Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center Auxiliary (AMWCA)
P.O. Box 42386
Phoenix, Arizona 85080-2386


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